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SCIO Conversion

There are over 500 village hall charities registered as charities in Scotland. Most village hall charities manage, maintain and sometimes own (or rather hold heritable title to) a hall or building which may be used for a variety of educational and recreational purposes which benefit the local community. 


In recent years many of these charities have decided that they need to amend their constitutions. Others have decided that they want their charity to become incorporated as a company or a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, since this limits the liability of individual trustees.


It is good practice for trustees to explore these possibilities.  However, the unique way in which many village hall charities are constituted often means that the trustees do not have the power to make the changes they want and therefore have to apply to OSCR for a reorganisation scheme. 


This is a fairly complex process and most charity trustees will need some support and advice to be able to use it.

For further OSCR information about SCIOs  CLICK HERE


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