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Funding our Halls

All our member halls generate income from their lets as well as working hard at fundraising. To help them with various projects and some running costs, Scottish Borders Council allocates around £13,500 annually to the Federation (slightly more than £500 per hall) which can be redistributed in the form of grants to halls. Borders Community Action takes a small percentage for providing secretarial services.


One of the major activities of the Federation is administering the grant scheme, which is used to distribute the annual funds the Federation receives from Scottish Borders Council and supplements through subscriptions and other sources. Grant applications are considered at the quarterly committee meetings.

Prior to 2011 the support grant from Scottish Borders Council was simply divided among the member halls. This was deemed to be not making the best use of the funds, so the grant system was introduced so that funds can be provided on a needs basis.

All 4 Federations in the Borders area (Berwickshire, Central, Roxburgh and Peeblesshire) now use the same grant form.


Halls wishing to apply for a grant should consult the attachments below for more details. There are guidance notes and an application form.

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